Ordering a Portrait



Email, text or call Wayne at 707-548-1619 to discuss the details of the pet portrait you are seeking. To keep cost reasonable, from receiving photographic reference from you to getting your finished pet portrait, the ordering process is handled through email / mail / shipping.




• JUST FACES portraits offers the most economical hand painted portrait in oils of your pet's face with a painterly/mottled background. For details, visit the Just Faces Gallery page. Just Faces portraits start at $200 for an 8" x 10" size, unframed. For prices and sizes available, see the Price List below.


• THE WHOLE PET portraits are hand painted original portraits in oils of most or all of the body of one or more pets in three background possibilities: solid, painterly/mottled or full scene. For details, visit the The Whole Pet Gallery page. The Whole Pet portraits start at $400 for a 12" x 16" size, unframed. For prices and sizes available, see the Price List below.


• OLD FRIENDS portraits are portraits of our loved and cherished companions that are no longer with us. They fit the pricing and frame guidelines of either Just Faces or The Whole Pet portraits.


FRAMING: You may arrange to frame the portrait types above on your own or order it framed with the the Simplon Plein Air Frame (as seen on the The Whole Pet Gallery page), or the Nielsen Bainbridge Metal Frame Kits as seen on the Just Faces Gallery page - frame prices below.


subject to change; framing is additional; shipping is additional

  SIZE (minimum 8" x 10"; other custom sizes available)

8" x 10"

11" x 14"

12" x 16"

16" x 20"

18" x 24"







  JUST FACES - painterly/mottled background only






  THE WHOLE PET - painterly/mottled background






  THE WHOLE PET - scene background






  THE WHOLE PET - 1 additional pet--painterly/mottled background






  THE WHOLE PET - 1 additional pet--scene background






  FRAMES - Nielsen Bainbridge Metal Frame Kits--4 shades available






  FRAMES - Simplon Plein Air Frame--9 shades available



ALL ORIGINAL, COMMISSIONED PET PORTRAITS: A 50% minimum deposit is required upon ordering.

Please make payable to: Wayne F. Michaud.

Please send to:

Wayne F. Michaud

6900 Navarro Ct.

Citrus Heights, CA 95621

An email invoice/receipt will be sent at this time. Balance of payment, including shipping cost and any framing cost, is due upon completion your pet portrait. Personal check or money order is accepted. Credit card purchases and online purchases are not available.




After balance of payment is received, portraits are delivered (no shipping charge) within a 35 mile radius of Citrus Heights, CA or can be picked up. Otherwise, original, commissioned portraits are shipped (shipping prepaid) through UPS or USPS Priority Mail, insured for full value of the portrait.






Pet portraits generally means dogs and cats, however, related subjects such as a favorite farm animal, bird, fish, etc. can be painted.




Pets are painted from photographic reference provided by you. While it certainly doesn't take a professional type photograph to achieve a successful painted portrait, here's some suggestions. Try to get a close up, especially if a head and shoulders painting is desired. Try to shoot the photo at the pet's level.


Indoor vs outdoor: either is acceptable. For indoor, a flash usually works well, however, in well lit interiors, try without a flash. For outdoors, try to keep lighting fairly even, avoiding stark sunlight to shadow contrasts.

For more details on pet picture taking, visit Dogtime.com: "How to take pictures of your dog", and You Did What With Your Wiener?.com: "8 Tips for Taking Great Smartphone Photos of Your Dog".


The painting will essentially be done from one photo, however, please provide at least several photos of the pet. Suggestions of minor changes (make the tail more prominent; make the collar less prominent) can be requested. If portrait is to be a painterly, mottled background, a color can be discussed--usually a contrasting yet harmonizing color. Portraits are generally painted in two methods: head and shoulder view and full body view. Scene backgrounds are somewhat more impressionistic in style to help the pet stand out.


SENDING PHOTOS: Indicate the portrait size desired, referring to the sizes available above. Email digital photos in high-resolution (15 MB maximum per email) if possible. If digital photos are not available, printed photos can be sent; they will be scanned and then returned.




Painting medium is exclusively oil paint. Painting style is traditional realism. The image is sketched in pencil on the canvas. It is then painted.










A photo of the completed painting will be emailed for your approval. If changes are suggested, they will be made and another photo will be emailed for final approval before delivery / shipping.




The completed painting is ready for delivery / shipping five to eight weeks from ordering, depending on the number of commissions being painted and drying time (drying of oils can take up to a week).




Under U.S. copyright law, Wayne F. Michaud of Green Mountain Pet Portraits reserves the right to make and sell reproductions or prints of original paintings without a buyer's permission, as well as to display images of original paintings in web and print media for promotional purposes.